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Improving safety is not about improving people, it’s about improving collaboration.

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Client stories

Propel helped us outrace our competitors

The outcome of working with Propel was a ‘sea change’ for PGS Operations and a metamorphosis from a lagging and detail oriented operational culture to a leading, and risk-inquisitive one. Today our downtime is at an all time low and performance levels are remarkably high. In fact, several of the oil majors have given us credit for creating a unique culture resulting in performance that is 2-3 times better than the industry average.

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Today’s approach must change

Every second minute a safety inspection or audit is completed. It means vast resources are spent on this regime, but our insights demonstrate that there is a significant blind spot in the current regime, potentially leading to counter-productive effects. This is because the standard approach is teaching individuals to do the right thing, instead of training the crew to manage failures together.

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Our approach

Our approach can reduce major accident risk by up to 75%

Our approach of creating collaborative cultures has proven extremely efficient, both for improving safety and for avoiding business interruptions that lead to delays, downtime, off-hire and cancellations. With the right behaviours in place, the collective capability to manage threats and failures improves drastically.

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Our Approach

Creating collaborative cultures

We strongly believe that creating collaborative cultures is the best way to improve safety and reduce business interruptions. To succeed with change, we must start with engagement and motivation of people. This also greatly increases the likelihood of succeeding with needed changes to governing systems and processes. Our approach to creating a collaborative culture is based on certain principal beliefs.

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